Just This Shy of Happy (2012)
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The Life You Thought You'd Have (2009)
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My Heroic Cadences (2008)
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You Get The Idea (2007)
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Pout (2006)
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Giving It To Myself (2004)
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Flipping the Pig (2003)
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"(Flipping the Pig) reminds us just how versatile and creative the medium is if you have the right mind behind it."
- Indie-Music.com

October 2013
Grump, the new solo album by Jeff Mansk (Flipping the Pig lead singer) is streaming at the new facebook page,

10 songs custom-made for cold and/or rainy days, inside and outside. While mostly acoustic, it's not your standard singer/songwriter thing. Moody, wistful, and, regardless or whatever weirdness and creepiness, always hopeful. Head over to CDBaby (the best deal for the entire album), iTunes, Amazon, and so on. Share, tell friends, post things, and I will be forever thankful.

September 2012
New Video! Puppets! Swirling things! Sing-a-longs!
Check out the official puppet-filled video for "You Should Awlays Feel Guilty," off the new album, streaming on Funny or Die!

June 2012
Listen to a full stream of the new album
Just This Shy of Happy is streaming at the facebook page, Head over to the facebook music store "Artist Mix" section.

April, 2012
Online release of Just This Shy of Happy
15 songs, chock full of catchiness, with themes regarding death, life, casual flings, envy, regret, disillusionment, day jobs, frustration, redemption, forgiveness, guilt, and sandals. The guitars were plugged back in (half the time, at least).

Head over to CDBaby (the best deal for the entire album), iTunes, the merchandise page on this site, and so on. I will be forever thankful.

Flipping the Pig

Remember to tell all of your friends, enemies, and those to whom you're indifferent.

December 2009
The song "Hide and Seek" from the album Pout was featured on the Dec. 2 episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E. The name of the episode is Wrong Turn, episode 155/156. There was a YouTube clip on the Media page, but it exists no more.


Pout - Flipping the Pig

Watch Cupcake Friends!!!! They're all you need. Video by Katrina Casmer, Music by Flipping the Pig.

Summer 2009
Wrote and recorded music used for the premiere production of Tiny Catastrophes, a fantastic play written by Randy Wyatt. LIsten to and download the tracks here.

"Refreshingly different from a lot of stuff that's out there." - Past and Present

"I'm amazed by (Flipping the Pig's) one-man show, and I love his imaginative style and tongue-in-cheek approach. I'll be eager to hear more from this delightfully unorthodox act soon."

"Ranging from soulful acoustic rock to the type of apartment rock that is often labeled "genius"...there are times when you feel almost reassured that there's more than one person behind this madness; perhaps he's suffering from a mental disorder" - Smother.net

"It's been quite a while since anything this diverse has come across my desk. This is thinking out of box both lyrically and musically speaking...It's a mixed bag of anything a little heady, mystifying, or all out strange and eerie." - Muen Magazine

"Because he jumps stylistically between each song it is difficult to pinpoint or pigeonhole Flipping The Pig. The jumps feel natural, even welcome, like you're meeting different characters to a greater story" - James Curtis, special to NewsLink

"Nothing like a Bipolar genius to catch my ear." - Ed, New York

"Your one-stop-pop-shop-songster. So many influences, yet a sound that merges said influences into his own" - Mike, St. Louis

Flipping The Pig was referenced in Speigel Online (Germany's leading music resource) in an article about Radiohead. The album, Giving It To Myself, was listed alongside Wilco and The Beastie Boys as one of 7 notable free album downloads worldwide!

Airplay (at least what we're aware of):
88.1FM KFCF in Fresno, CA (as a featured album)
- 91.7FM in Austin, TX
- 90.5FM and 94.5FM WJFF, serving the Catskills, NY

The song "Buttaonnit" was featured in the short film "Sleepy Guy" by Knemonic Productions.

The song "Heaven" is featured on the soundtrack for the Detroit-based film The Passenger, put out by Thought Collide.

As one of the several ways to hear the music I've made (the others include: pay for them on iTunes or Amazon, and listen to a CD), I've added the option of downloading free zipped mp3 files of several of the albums. Why? Because. Just click here and take 'em. This would have been presented in a much fancier way if my computer hadn't crashed and I wasn't fumbling through updates via html edits.

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