The Life You Thought You'd Have (2009)

Release date:
February 28, 2009

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All sounds heard:Flipping the Pig
All words and music: Jeff Mansk

Copyright Jeffrey W. Mansk 2009 (BMI)

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Flipping the Pig

Track List and Song Samples (all lyrics located below):

1. (Theme From) The Life You Thought You'd Have Sample
2. I'm Tripping Over Me Sample
3. Meanwhile Sample
4. You Belong Sample
5. Suburban Communion Sample
6. Somebody Else Can Play My Part Sample
7. La La La La (The Cracks) Sample
8. Everything Brought Us Here Sample
9. The Memo Sample
10. Draw A Circle Sample
11. Meanwhile (Remixdown) Sample

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1 (Theme From) The Life You Thought You’d Have
Sometimes you see the life
you thought you’d have,
A glimpse of what
you know you’re worth
And it’s been taken away.

When I think I need a reason to go on
I realize you are my reason
And I no longer feel alone

2 I’m Tripping Over Me
I’m tripping over me
And spinning stupidly
Enjoying every bit enormously
And here I am again
And though the world’s asleep they should join in
I love this so much more
than I thought I would
A blissed up consequence of a
Manic tendency to sleep away
The nightmares that I keep in
Lock boxes so decoratively veiled
I’m dialing every number
Of everyone I know
To thank them all for being so so so
I’ll fill another notebook
With thoughts uncircumscribed
And belch up feelings formerly left inside
How come you never told me how much I could
Tap into a motion of
To and fro and up and down and
Ceiling turning round and round and
No regrets, it’s perfectly divine

3 Meanwhile
“Meanwhile, taken in arms,” she said,
“Nothing less than an infra red ability to read my head
Would enlighten you to my medication
is kicking in.
Our relation
is as one again.”
Meanwhile, heading to other familiar hymns and a calming
assertion everything would be well,
echoed thump of a heartened swell
in his mind again
would he surrender
to this bind again
Embrace the repeated
Present polarity
Pop a few helpers
Regain your clarity
With an escape
Try to evade
Any disparity
Meanwhile, crazy with eyes engaged,
Anxiety belied their age
Liberated into a rage
Tied, abetted in bed and wage
Passing with a breezy
Reassurance wasn’t easy
Meanwhile, time ticked away the years
Concentrate on the disappeared
opportunities to adhere to
Faded in a wave of fear
Never mind the choices
She’s enamored
With the voices inside
Embrace the repeated
Though now depleted
Hookup to sanity’s double-wide

4 You Belong
Rest in rhythmic waters
Troubled thoughts let go
Firing your judge and
Closing eyes will show
All love
Simple is an accolade
Clarity of soul
One as all in difference
Everywhere you go
You belong

5 Suburban Communion
In a mid-sized Midwestern suburb there lived an 8th grader who attended 3 years of weekly confirmation classes with 20 other students, taught by two pastors every Wednesday night, in order to learn about the lord, though he retained few of the details and the classes were more an exercise in not getting kicked out, as did many of the other students, because he knew his parents would ground him if he misbehaved. At the end of those three years he was to take his first communion. On that eve his parents asked if he knew what to do. He copped an attitude and said, “Yeah” as he walked away in his 8th grade manner. They asked him to explain the process. He refused. They asked again. He finally exploded, “Jesus Christ, I just drink some wine and eat some bread! What’s the big deal?” They responded, “You are not ready for communion.” And that next morning he was not allowed to partake. Little did they know that during one of his confirmation class church sleepovers during the previous three years he and his friends snuck into a room behind the altar, found a package of unopened Jesus wafers, and all feasted. Years later, he was still convinced he liked the taste.

6 Somebody Else Can Play My Part
The sun finally came out today
Three hours of morning light until the deadening grey
Put us back to sleep
I’ve got to move out from the past,
For it attaches so quickly to the last episode
If you want to explore, don’t hesitate
Some time tomorrow sounds fine to start
Make a few calls, today somebody else can play my part
The ages move with or without your approval
You’re dancing in your sleep again, led to removal
Another day, another month,
Didn’t we just say hello?
Tenacity of memories
Gave up long ago

7. La La La La (The Cracks)
You’ve got life
And you piss it away
And you tell yourself every day
That the next one will redefine every crappy choice you left behind
Then you look at the wall and it catches your attention
And you stare a little more and dream of intervention
Of every opportunity that you’ve ignored
And the cottage on the beach on uninfested shores
And the cracks get wider as you stay
And you’ve perfected the lack of any way
To ever get to the beach on the cay
Where you could stare again and say
La la la la
Life only promises death and love
Fills every breath with a joyous uncertainty
And a heart pumping anarchy
And you can’t stop talking but it’s never enough
And you’re too damn afraid to stop acting tough
Because God forbid anybody know
Every stupid secret you’ll never show
And the cracks get wider as you play
A child’s game with the threads on the fray
You feast on your immobility filet
And wipe your nose so clean
La la la la
And the cracks have ceased to be
You stare your infinite reality
Down to the times you were meant to see
Still only want to sing

8 Everything Brought Us Here
You were mine but you weren’t mine to take
You were love when love was in repair
Your voice in my bed when I sleep
All others before disappear
If everything brought us together
I would do it again
Do it again
If every regret was a force
I would do it again
Memories are a tender divorce
Memories are a smile on display
When you highlight a thought will resolve
An emotional delay
In the moment you’re stuck with, you land and eventually deplete
Hesitate, but your fate is at hand
And you’re wholly convinced you’re complete

9 The Memo
We regret to inform you of another delay regarding your submittal yesterday per diminutive increases in hope. Nope, you’re better off praying.

Your request will be handled expediently to the best of our abilities, once we take into account the amount of our generosities. So, please continue as you have before, as we develop intercompany rapport and decrease the overhead. You said, “Abet all internal reservations.” Our position has always been one of a progression via lateral team-building sessions, and if you don’t like it, piss off. 

10 Draw A Circle
Though the life of another
Might seem to be
What you wish you could wake each day to see
Don’t you ever give up on me
Though you carry your hope in a sieve
And they share what you know you can give
You’ve still got a reason to live
As your doubt is consuming every night
And the end game gives way to your flight
You’ve still got a reason in the light
Where the have and the haven’ts share the day
Where the fear of your future won’t get in the way
Draw a circle with your fingertip
And stay

11 Meanwhile (Remixdown)
(Same lyrics as the non-remix, but with added fake drum beats)

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