My Heroic Cadences (2008)

Release date:
February 29, 2008

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All words, music, instruments, and whatnot: Jeff Mansk

Copyright 2008 (BMI)

Two Albums on One CD! My Heroic Cadences & You Get The Idea

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My Heroic Cadences/You Get the Idea - Flipping the Pig

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1. The Creeper
Odd time signatures plucked on an acoustic with call and response vocals to set up the journey.
2. The Ripple
A solid drum beat, one sax note, and a creepy little choir tell this tale of regret.
3. Let A Moment Pass
Buggles-esque new wave and a sweeping falsetto middle vocal part meet in this mid-tempo pop tune about questioning that “initial meeting.”
4. Some Days Cloudy
Solemn feelings of worthlessness awash in keyboards can sometimes be darn melodic.
5. Periphery
Minimal pizzicato strings and vocals. The melody was initially hummed into a cell phone while driving. The song most likely to be a Rufus Wainwright tune, even though it's sung with a gravelly timbre.
6. Preset
Written after watching a lot of Queer As Folk. Suddenly, the inner Bronski Beat was channeled and out popped a club song for your favorite diva to sing.
7. You Don't Believe I Love You
Two voices and sparse acoustic strumming.  Lyrically as straightforward as it can be.
8. The Conversationalist (solo piano)
Ain’t no words found in this one.  On the spot solo piano. Hit record, play two chords, go!
9. Reprise
What? You first need a full song and only then can you reprise it? Falderal! Refer to all mid-era Beatles tunes, I guess.
10. Into the Great Damn I Don't Know
Me, my quivering voice, the acoustic guitar, a little yodel and an honest-to-goodness coughing spasm.
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1 The Creeper
What’s he gonna take?
Everything he thinks is his
What’s he gonna make?
Nothing back he’s losing his
Footing and momentum and he’s bound to end up begging more

Screw you over twice
Once  again he’s never wrong
Never making nice
Never learn never move on
Might seem that he’s getting everything you ever wanted but he’s not
Whittle at his life until he’s scratched away all taste of what he got

2 The Ripple

Don’t drop the rock in the water (ad infinitum)

You’re gonna hate the ripple
I didn’t know of the consequence
Now I want control
There’s got to be a pattern here
Onto which I can hold

I needed validation, dear
From a source undefined
Now I’m losing every friend
And a love I undermined

I’m not one to give into guilt
There’s no need to present
I know everything I did this time
Don’t know where my mind went

Now I seek redemption
From the rule of returning threes
The world is a matador
I’m a beast on his knees

3 Let A Moment Pass

Finding out the hard way
Will you be a memory?
Or will you be a lesson?

Finding out the hard way
Will we bind a never mind?
Or will there be an answer?

Let a moment pass
Bring us one more moment closer

Days go by effected
One to next or redirect
Our wandering vision

Patience is rewarded
But in time and I know I’m
Running low on emission

Let a moment pass
Bring us one more moment closer

Time delayed, emotions played
Cognizant of what we’ve made
We doubt and fear to bring us
Nearer to reflection

Finding out the hard way
Will you be a memory?
Or will you be a lesson?

4 Some Days Cloudy

You think you deserve
All of your pain
All the confusion
Every refrain
That you hum is from a sad song

You feel you’re never
Worth any gift
Any attention
Emotional lift
Would do best to move on

Some days cloudy
Some days clear
Moments gone
Lingering fear
You have no reason
To disappear

You know there are others
More commendable who
You could never imagine
Hold the guilt that you do
You can’t let go of what’s
Hurting you

You looked to the father
You looked to the skies
You looked to the comfort
Of a lover’s eyes
Now you’re looking in and you realize

Some days cloudy
Some days clear
Moments gone
Lingering fear
You have no reason
To disappear

We want you here

5 Periphery

He looks at me
With her life in periphery
Begin the waltz
of a false revue
And in months renew
What he never had before

We live the dance
Though romantic it started old
Taken for granted
He wandered low
When I leave it won’t be
Without a final go

6 Preset

Preset moonlight
Blurry sight
All delight
Motion is an
Love you brought

Drive it away
Drive it away

When he denies the drink
You’re more to blame
Than you might think
Disillusion brought you here
Drop your fear
Wear your tears then

Drive them away
Dry them away

7 You Don't Believe I Love You

You don’t believe I love you
You never knew how I changed
You didn’t know me before you

We never tired of insight
Awareness and truth were opposed
Notice resentment within us
Quickly exposed

Barren, revealing a new truth between
And through tears perhaps rediscovering
We know there’s enough and we feel there’s enough
Is there enough to go on?

I don’t believe what I trusted
Toughened an already deep
Issue in need of direction
In need of sleep

More of my life in arrest
When a passing faith revealed
Yet again it’s all better left sealed

Something is there and we both know we share
What I’d like to believe is a chance to go where
We haven’t yet been, though letting you in again
Scares the hell out of me

8 The Conversationalist (solo piano)

9 Reprise
Can we see a show of hands
of those nervous enough to stand and fail
You're those who will prevail

10 Into The Great Damn I Don't Know

My emotions are up down happy and blue
It’s something that started when my fat head was pushed through
When I hit the air I said, “Goddamn, where
 can you show me I signed on to come out of there?”
I’m certain I was dropped
When my feet hit the cloth
because something’s always been
Just a little bit off
I’m befriending apparitions and I’m seeing their voices are true
Coincidences all in their control and so they’re bringing me to you

You love the misfit I am
I look at you and think, “xo”
Let’s saddle up forever
Into the great damn I don’t know

I’m a big fat floppy ass bumbling come hither clown
It’s a party that I’m throwing, wind it up before it starts winding down
Because nobody’s better and anyone can see
They’re all simply better at hiding it than me
I met Eddie Deezen got a photo for a fee
It was worth every penny and it’s no mystery
That a character part can still be full of heart and doubt
I sat down to write you a love song and this is what came out

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