Pout (2006)

Release date:
January 2, 2006

All words, music, instruments, and whatnot: Jeff Mansk

Copyright 2005 (BMI)

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Pout - Flipping the Pig

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1. Spoon Fed
Densely-arranged and fully-choired: it goes from big to small then big and back to small again.
2. Hide and Seek
A droning and slowly layered ode to the nightmare, or something else of similar creepiness.
3. Saw It In A Movie
Three-chord mid-tempo guitar-based tune about the joys of a day spent in a questionable theatre. It makes full use of revolutionary loud and quiet dynamics. The last two minutes were meant for headphones.
4. 364 Days
Twangy acoustic song written while trapped in a fishfly-covered house.
5. Break
Piano-based tin pan alley-esque waltz: light orchestration gives way to melancholy and reserve.
6. Receive
Woke up with a bass line in my head. The rest of the song fell into place rather quickly.
7. Don't Dry Your Eyes
The most out-and-out attempt so far to write a completely “sweet” song, with no bitterness nor smart assed-ness nor bad feelings whatsoever. Dreamy acoustic pop with a fun middle part to break up the mood a bit.
8. Makes Me Want You More
Drunken half-mumbled country song about a frustrating relationship that made a leap to the other side.
9. Pleeeeease
Loud, simple, direct, power chords, heartwarming promises, weirdness: it’s all in there.
10. O Gd
Our singer talks to and questions “the big one” in this reflective and sparsely orchestrated piano tune. It’s not a typo.
11. Buttaonnit
A manic 2/4 full-on jamboree about a remarkable use of a natural dairy product.
12. 5am
Sometimes all you need are a few plucked strings on an acoustic guitar.  And Nikki needed a song.

MySpace PigSpace!
Spoon Fed
Why'd I show up today?
Assimilate, a way
To avoid what you say

What you get is
what you give away
What you keep will deteriorate
Try again you fall flat on your face

Rest assured you have no
Reason to appear at ease

Every time you see me here
you remember you don't
want me near

Entrance, magnificence,
Nerves on display
Someone's puking
refried beans on to
My shoe
Glad I didn't leave them
in the foyer

Showed up uninvited though I
Thought I wouldn't
try to be conspicuous
Cornered me to bitch
about your ex
And what a condescending
prick he was
Not a minute later aggravated when your hand
Moved and you quickly a-

ssured me that I had a
Reason to be ill at ease

Every time I hear
those words again
I believe
and shut back down again
Tuck courage in to my head
Cuddle up and remain spoon fed

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Hide and Seek
I see you
Head so dulled
You can't hide
I will wait
I keep you
Where you lie
Where you doubt
You can be
Who you are
Will convince
Yourself that
You have grown
But I know
You are near
Have no reason
Have no will
To do more
Than destroy
What you dream
And convince
What you fear
Isn't real
I'm right here
Hide and seek
You have always
Been asleep

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Saw It In A Movie
Tender, rounded, and aroused
Pink and lovely is the crowd
Arms reclining in the air
Thinking no one sees you there
Rubbing elbows with your knees
Making contact, begging please

Saw it in a movie
Made no sense to me
Left in wonder what was
Left for me to be
Saw a first encounter
Felt a tonguing ear
Spoke polite refusal
Still I stayed in there

Smelling salted bleach around
Thinking nothing of the sound
Leaning up against the wall
Rapid images and all
Desperation only shows
When the lights are
turned down low

Saw it in a movie
Made no sense to me
Left in wonder what was
Left for me to be
In an eye you're catching
In a moment gone
Keep it behind curtain
All that you have done

And you're so removed
In the procession
Can I make a confession?

Saw it in a movie
Made no sense to me
Left in wonder what was
Left for me to be
Shadow of a flicker
Getting what you need
In the comfort of your

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364 Days
364 days
I've been waiting
To meet you
Now it's time
To do you
And do ourselves in
364 days
and I don't even
mention my name
I wish I could give you
The pillow talk
You deserve

I don't know what feelings are like
I don't know how to
make anything last
But you've got to drop the kids off soon, anyway

And I'd see you tomorrow but we both know
There will be no other days
They can romanticize
what we go through
But we know there's no joy in it
You feel nothing, I feel it, too
Emotion, we don't toy with it
No fights, no doubt, no breakup, no sorrow,
No wonder what we're
gonna do tomorrow

We live to fuck
Live to fuck
Live to fuck
And we're gone

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Something's got to break
Some day you're bound to make a mistake
And fall flat on your face and remember
What you lost

Something's got to take
Time after time you've felt
misery's wake
And knew, outcast or not,
You would find a place
of your own

Feel what you feel
Know what you know
Leave what you love
When you go

Something for your sake
Glowing, revealed
an obvious ache
Is too plain to ignore
And too vibrant to embrace

Some thing's never make
Sense 'til you've past them and left them to take
What they want of your
passionate memories

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Just remain
Will refrain
From criticism and doubt
Needing to figure it out

All our time
Until we find
From nothing inside of our mind
Peace in a moment defined

Not to turn it off
Not to be afraid
Just to know that we
Trust enough to breathe
We can let it win
We're giving in
Letting everything
We are

Slip a chance
Won't let it happen again
I know I will but I'll pretend

Quickly through
Refuted you
Needing the safety of thought
Refusing the gift that was brought

Not to turn it off
Not to be afraid
Just to know that we
Trust enough to breathe
We can let it win
We're giving in
Letting everything
We are

Won't let it happen again
I know I will but I'll pretend

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Don't Dry Your Eyes
Don't say a word
Don't dry your eyes
Lay down your head
Lay by my side

Don't think about
Don't say out loud
Don't listen to
Give in to you

You so tired of keeping it at bay
You too wired
to manage to think straight
Looked upon
to be the strong and light
Now is your time
You and I tonight

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Makes Me Want You More
She's committed to the order
Of impermanent alliance
With the others who rely on
The spurious notion
That they've all got something interesting to say

She pulls her BMW to the lot
And her tiny feet clip clop
Along the cracked walkway and
To her baby's arms
And he invites her in so they can impress each other
With importance and charm

She's got my panties in a bunch
My shirt is covered in my lunch
So now I'm reckless on the spot
And I won't know what I have got
Until I take a look around
And bring home every man I've found
And leave him crying at the door
It only makes me want you more

I'll eat the leftovers we bought
And think of every time we fought
With a fondness that I keep only for donuts, porn, and sleep
My dog is sick of my complaints
And his advice, well it just ain't
What it used to be before
It only makes me want you more

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Stay with me while we grow older
Blanket me when we grow colder

I won't die on you
Don't you die on me
I won't die on you
as long as I am living
I will stay with me
Will you stay with you
We can stay and be,
Together, a new vision

I'm never gonna ask for much
Change everything
and stay in touch

I will cry for you
Will you cry for me
I will cry for you as long
as I am weeping
I won't lie to you
Please don't lie to me
I won't lie to you
unless I have a reason to

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O Gd
O Gd
Here I go
Something is coming over me
O Gd
There you go
We're losing a battle,
Directionless, saddled
Into a cacophony

So Gd
Took one more
Happened inevitably
O Gd
Hearing her name
thrown around with the blame
We have nobody else to deceive

A masterpiece of our façade
No other god would work the way you do
We cannot understand a thing
but spring to action when you need us to
Believe what we believe
Devoted for reprieve
I can't believe such cruelty would come from you

You need what we provide
Throw those aside who do not know the way we do
Revel in confidence
that your intent
Will see all of our anger through
How can your love be less
Than what we have? Confess.
They can't be right. I'd never do the things they say of you.

O Gd
There they go
Feeding the insanity
O Gd
You should know
What we have done
with the stories they've spun
And the teachings
mislaid in the greed

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Put a little buttaonnit
Take a number, stand around
And wait around to mess around
And make it look a little like
You know what you're doing

Never underestimate
The nothing of another
Never mother
what you're never gonna qualify
To satisfy
You don't know

Everybody's going down down down
Not everybody know he's free
He left the ring at home and fell down to his…..

No no no no no no no no, etc.

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Sitting in the same shorts
I've worn all week
Stretching out the few hours left
Until the sun comes up
Forgot to eat dinner
Distracted by the glow
Of popping dinging endless
Message window
Nikki liked a couple of chords
So I'll give her some more
Maybe, though, she just likes songs about cats
Somehow I'm gonna survive past 5am again
And make it through another day

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